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Loans for Past-Due Income Taxes

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If you have been informed that your tax-shelter investment has been revoked, or you just don't have the resources to pay down your mounting C.R.A. Or Property Tax debt, we have many lenders who can offer first and second mortgages to help you catch up.

Most banks and credit unions require that a borrower have all income taxes up to date with the government. People end up with past-due income taxes for many reasons. You may have fallen behind on your payments, or in some cases, the government rules against a tax shelter investment made years ago. You can find yourself needing a loan to pay your past-due income taxes for many reasons, and often institutional lenders are not willing to help. As a Mortgage Agent, I can help you establish whether the low-rate lenders are willing to help you with a loan to pay your past-due income taxes and, if not, I can help you tap the extra equity in your home to secure a loan from other lenders for past-due income taxes so you can get caught up.

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