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If you haven't got the income or good credit to qualify for a bank mortgage but need money to pay down your debts, or simply need quick cash, I work with lenders who offer mortgages that are secured against your home or other property

Call me if you want to raise some cash for a rainy day. You may not have the need to cover any other debts, or you may not need to renovate, but if you want to have some cash available, just in case, and you have additional equity in your home, call me. I can explain how you can arrange a home equity loan to add that extra peace of mind in knowing that you have some quick cash available, just in case. If you are getting older and want to make sure you have the cash for fun, or for something more serious, call me and I can talk with you about your situation and explain your options with a home equity loan. If you're ambitious and want to be ready for your strategies to get ahead in the future, call me and we can discuss your options with a home equity loan.

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