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Income and Property Taxes are only two of many types of debts that can lead to stress. Many of our lenders will offer first, second or third mortgages to pay down your debts that have you unaware or have added up over time. One monthly mortgage payment can help reduce your monthly debt payments down to a single, simple monthly mortgage payment, helping to reduce your stress and improve your credit rating.

Whatever your reason, I can help you secure a DEBT consolidation loan from the extra equity you have built-up after years of paying down your mortgage. If you have no mortgage on your home or if your current mortgage term is close to expiring, I can help you find a first mortgage lender who can offer a debt consolidation loan to consolidate all of those small debts that have added up to a lot of monthly payments. If we can't make something work with the bank and you have sufficient equity in your home, I can talk to private lenders who may offer mortgages to payout many of your small debts and reduce all of those many monthly payments into 1 monthly payment.

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