Mortgage Agent serving Scarborough, ON

I am a mortgage agent with extensive experience in real estate serving Scarborough, ON. I have an affiliation with Expert Mortgage brokerage for the past six years.

I am a Mortgage Agent and I have access to many lenders who are willing to compete with each other to offer prompt services, including pre-qualifying, so you are ready when the right home is on the market.

As a Professional Mortgage Agent serving Scarborough, I can help you solve many financial problems. I have several years of experience in various fields, including real estate and lending, and I am capable of helping you in most cases.

I can take you through the process, step-by-step. I can help you with all of the details and explain any part of the process that you don't understand.

I am a mortgage agent with Expert Mortgage, but I am also a borrower, and I have a lot of experience in dealing with lenders, whether those lenders are banks, credit unions, or private lenders.

Also, if you live in, or are looking for a home in Scarborough, ON I can help you secure that mortgage you are looking for, often at no cost to you, as many low-rate lenders will pay me to bring your business to them.

You can always talk to the bank yourself but why bother when you can talk to me and I can deal with the details, often at no cost at all to you. I can help you be better aware of what to avoid when dealing with banks and credit unions when you are seeking a new mortgage, whether that mortgage is for a New Home Purchase, a Re-Finance, Renovation Loans or simply if you need to borrow money to Consolidate Your Debts, such as Credit Cards or even Past-Due Income Taxes or Property Taxes.

Mortgage Services Scarborough

  • Residential Mortgages Newmarket

    Residential Mortgages

    We compare to find you the best available interest rate that lenders offer in Ontario for your residential mortgage needs, subject to income and credit approval.

  • Refinance Mortgage Newmarket

    Refinance Mortgage

    If you are looking to replace your current mortgage, we can contact one of Expert Mortgage's many lenders to find you a new mortgage for your home.

  • First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Newmarket

    First Time Home Buyer Mortgage

    If you have never bought a home before and are uncomfortable making the leap, we can spend all the time you need to go over the details of how the mortgage industry works.

  • Second Mortgage Newmarket

    Second Mortgage

    Whether you are buying a home for the first time or want to leave your current mortgage in place, many of our lenders offer second and third mortgages.

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