The Current Normal And How We Are Dealing With It

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The COVID-19 pandemic created a fear of the unknown. Companies are now subject to the new rules that the Government is implementing to help reduce the spreading virus. The Government keeps changing the rules and implementing new lockdown restrictions, as information is coming in, with many countries shutting down and people not allowed to leave their homes unless it was for essential services.

While most businesses have taken to remote working, others are not as fortunate. Overall, with companies not meeting targets, businesses cutting salaries, employees losing jobs, and many establishments going under, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future. With constant changes taking place, people are unsure about the future, so they are not looking to spend large amounts of money on items and services that are not important to them but are mainly focusing on the staples. 

Additionally, with the changes, many people who are working can no longer go to their office as there are new rules about the number of people allowed in a building. There are rules about the distance that we are supposed to maintain from one another, and these rules mean that people have to spread out more, which is not always possible in smaller offices. Larger groups of people have started working from home as remote working is the norm if companies want any level of productivity.

Many need to seek mortgages during this time, but they are not sure how they can get through the process, especially with an unstable economy and jobs that are scarce. Mortgage companies and financial institutions are not open to providing mortgages to people who do not look capable of paying them back, which is the challenge as those are the people who need them the most.

Like most people and companies, my business slowed down substantially. I get the impression that we are all waiting for the pandemic to subside, once vaccinations have been distributed to enough people to reverse the adverse effects of the Coronavirus. At the start of the pandemic in 2020, everyone, including many companies, thought the pandemic would not last and things would get better in a few months. However, we are now close to a year and with constant efforts toward creating a vaccine, things are looking up.

I am fortunate to have some degree of a safety net to pay my bills while I wait with the rest of society for business to pick up. Overall, when doing business traditionally, trust is based on meeting the person who provides a service so the client can learn more about their mortgage agent. Coordinating relationships over the phone is challenging, and many clients are struggling. We are all waiting for the pandemic to get better before we can provide in-person service.

When it comes to the business, in addition to implementing our own necessary changes, there were changes in the law but the basics of doing business have stayed the same. I believe the best option is to keep my business operating without making too many changes, so those considering contacting me are confident that I have not changed my business model and they can easily find me where I have always been. I have not changed the way and media that I use when I communicate with clients and am open to meeting them if they want a meeting. Additionally, I have not changed my work timings so people are sure they can contact me, and can still come to the office whenever needed, as long as we follow the same schedule we were following in the past. Furthermore, my clients get in touch with me whenever they need anything, even if they want answers to questions, and I am open to that. I work on always being accessible so that it benefits the clients I am working with and makes coordination convenient.

I am still available, seven days a week to answer my phone and reply to emails from anyone who needs information, assistance, and advice, whether for refinancing or purchase. I conduct much of my business from my office, so there is no delay when clients contact me for help, even in these trying times. Although there are challenges for many when it comes to visiting offices, I make sure to head to the office for work as I want to make the process as convenient as possible. 

With the pandemic, there have been a lot fewer personal interactions. Although I work from my office, most of my work is over the phone and online, so there will be no reduction in the time and assistance that I provide my clients in solving their financial concerns. If clients prefer to meet directly, I am available and can reassure my clients that I follow the safety protocols required for in-person meetings.

My clients pick the location for my in-person meetings, so there is no need to worry about how safe the office is. I can handle the entire process of working and closing a mortgage remotely and in-office meetings are not necessary to assist my clients. While I have learned that the explanation process is easy in person, where you can ask questions and get answers, almost all of the process can be completed with a phone call or two where you can ask questions and get answers. We can go over the details in as many phone calls as you need to get all of your answers and feel as comfortable as you need. 

The platforms I use for my business operation have always been secure, per industry rules, and this has not changed during the current crisis. Additionally, I coordinate over regular calls, text messages and a few well-known apps. Unfortunately, most of my clients are uncomfortable using the internet for in-person communications, but I am available on Skype and Zoom for those who prefer this software. When it comes to the specific work software that we use, Filogix Finastra is the industry standard used throughout the Province of Ontario for the licensed mortgage industry.

I can meet clients whenever they ask for a meeting. I always follow safety procedures, so everyone is safe and comfortable about the meeting. I discuss the details before meeting clients, to assure that it meets their needs and is required. Otherwise, I coordinate the rest over the phone. When it comes to the services I provide, my most important one is advice. I am available to talk to potential clients to offer opinions and strategies on how to move forward with their financing needs, whether they bring their business to me or not.

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