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Whether you plan on buying your first home or upgrading to a larger residence, it’s crucial to bid quickly on the property you’re interested in. As bidding wars are growing common in the housing market, immediate responders have higher chances of benefiting. Unfortunately, complicated mortgage procedures can slow you down and deprive you of your dream home.

If you are looking to make an instant bid on the house you love, you need to expedite the mortgage application process. However, with limited knowledge of the mortgage market, getting a mortgage can take longer than expected. To gain a better understanding of mortgages and speed-up your mortgage approval, it’s vital to work with an experienced and fully-equipped mortgage agent.

For a reliable mortgage agent in Toronto, ON, reach out to Andre Ouimet. I have access to many lenders who are willing to compete with each other to offer prompt services, including pre-qualifying, so you are ready when the right home is on the market. I also take the time to explain how the mortgage market works so you can better understand what you need to successfully purchase the home you want for you and your family.

My mortgage services are personalized to suit your needs and deliver quick finances so you can complete your home purchase immediately. Similarly, with my experience and expertise, I help you save time when navigating the complex landscape of the G.T.A housing market.

If you are new to the G.T.A. or are buying “up” to a larger family home or condominium, I can make sure that you are not left asking whether you did everything you could to take possession of that home you have always wanted.

Besides these benefits, my services are generally available for free. (In most cases, there is no charge for my service if I can qualify you with an institutional lender.) If you cannot qualify with a bank or credit union, I can connect you with private lenders who will help you take control of that property you always wanted until you can qualify with a bank or credit union.

To avail of my services today, give me a call at (647) 700-9014 or (888) 982-7954 or email me at As a professional mortgage agent in Toronto, ON, I can help you solve many financial problems. I have several years of experience in various fields, including real estate and lending, and am capable of helping you in most cases.

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